Birch Creek Standard Poodles

Building a Legacy
with Healthy and Versatile Multi-Colored Standard Poodles

Welcome to Birch Creek Standard Poodles!

Located in the heart of north Texas, we are a small in-home preservation breeder of multi-colored standard poodles. We strive to produce conformationally correct, exceptionally tempered, structurally sound and healthy dogs who are integral members of the family. We accomplish this by:

  • Genetic Testing
  • OFA Testing
  • VGL Testing
  • AKC Shows
  • UKC Shows
  • IABCA Shows
  • FastCAT / Coursing
  • Rally / Obedience
  • Parkour / Cross Country
  • Nosework/Scentwork and MORE
  • AKC Temperament Test (ATT)
  • AKC Farm Dog (FDC)

For us, bringing up puppies is truly a labor of love. Our primary goal is to produce offspring that not only represents, but actually improves upon, our parent poodles. In order to accomplish our goal, we:

  • Match Sire/Dam with regard to structure, temperament and health.
  • Raise our puppies on curriculum.
  • Socialize our puppies with people, places, animals, objects, sounds.
  • Crate, litterbox, and doggy door train puppies
  • Groom puppies and dremel nails weekly
  • Conduct age appropriate temperament testing

What to Expect from a Birch Creek Puppy

Confident and friendly

 We use Puppy Culture, Avidog, and BAB programs to ensure your new family member is self-assured and socialized.


Our poodle parents have excellent temperaments and excel at a variety of activities, so you can expect the same good nature and  trainability in your new puppy

HEALTh Tested

We health test all of our poodle parents to ensure you have a healthy puppy.



responsibly and ethically bred

We go the extra mile with structure, health, and temperament of our parent poodles  so you can truly enjoy your new family member for years to come.

Setup for success

Your new puppy will have already started obedience, crate and potty training so they have a solid foundation you can build on.

eligible for Registration

All of our puppies are eligible for AKC as well as UKC registration.