About Us

We hope to share our passion for Standard Poodles by using our experience to find the perfect Standard for you.

Mike and Amy
Founders of Birch Creek Standard Poodles

How it all began

A few years ago while searching for a new family companion, we discovered the Standard Poodle. I love Shelties and Collies, while Mike likes American Eskimos and Irish Setters. But neither of us wanted to deal with the hair that comes with owning those breeds. Additionally, my son has allergies so we knew we would need a low to no-shedding breed. We also wanted an active dog that we could take on family outings, one that was easily trainable, sociable, and fun-loving. Standard Poodles were an obvious choice! We found a reputable breeder who not only fueled our passion for the breed but inspired us to begin our own breeding program.

Our breeding program

We are a small breeder of multi-colored Standard Poodles. We strive to produce conformationally correct,  happy and intelligent dogs who also love being family members. Our dogs and puppies have excelled or have the potential to excel in therapy, service, show and performance.

What we focus on as breeders

                              • Temperament
                              • Health
                              • Versatility
                              • Breed Preservation
                              • Puppy Socialization