Terms and Conditions of Puppy Deposit for Birch Creek Standard Poodles
By placing a deposit and reserving a puppy from Birch Creek Standard Poodles (we or seller) and you (buyer) agree to the following terms and conditions:


Puppy deposits are non-refundable.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL THE DEPOSIT BE REFUNDED IF BUYER CHANGES THEIR MIND AND DECIDES NOT TO PURCHASE A PUPPY. By putting a deposit down, you are agreeing to purchase a puppy from the stated or upcoming litter.


Deposits for the puppy are non-refundable EXCEPT in the event we can’t provide you the agreed upon puppy (i.e. the litter does not produce the number of puppies/sex that your deposit is holding and you have the 3rd pick of the male puppies but only 2 male puppies are born). In this example, you may choose to have your deposit refunded, elect to transfer the deposit to another upcoming litter, or apply the deposit to a female puppy if one is available.


Please remember that when you place a deposit, we will hold a puppy for you. In return, we have agreed not to sell your place in line to pick to another buyer. We DO NOT make refunds based on color or coat patterns. The buyer understands that there is no guarantee to size, weight, and/or color of a puppy at maturity.


Balance due is payable on the day of puppy pick-up.
The balance is due on the agreed-upon puppy pick-up date.