Antigua You're My Huckleberry - TKN, NTD, ICN, IUN1

Ryder is our black and cream brindle pointed phantom boy. Pending genetic and health testing, he will be one of our future standing studs here at Birch Creek. At 28 inches tall and 50 pounds, Ryder is a large Standard; he is still growing as he is only a year old. Ryder has a silly, happy, personality, but can be quite serious and regal when being asked for his attention. He takes direction and instruction well, is ready and willing to learn, and is eager to please. Our trainers often praise his obedient nature. He loves learning new tricks and easily earned his Novice Trick Title. Currently, he is working on his Intermediate Trick Title. Additionally, he has earned several titles in the sport of Dog Parkour. Ryder is in training for the conformation show ring. Our goals for him for this year include showing, rally obedience training, earning more Parkour titles, and working on his Canine Good Citizen.

Ryder is an excellent family dog. He enjoys traveling with us and going on outings to the parks, lake, and to stores.  He is great with my kids and has an easygoing disposition within our pack. He is very tolerant and patient with puppies, traits that will lend to him being a great father in the future. Ryder has also been tested for genetic diversity through UC Davis and has very low internal relatedness between his parents, which will help to produce healthier puppies in the long run. We look forward to adding him to our program within the next year.

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