Texas Wekay Ranger in Formal Attire at Birch Creek - TKN, TKI, TKA, ICN, IUN1

Walker is our youngest male and an up and coming sire. Under a year, he is still growing but is already almost as tall as Paris. He is a happy, cheerful boy who’s intelligence has impressed us from the time he arrived home.  Walker enjoys having a job; he catches on quickly with what’s asked of him and is highly trainable. He learned his Novice Trick Dog title at 11 weeks and Advanced Trick Dog title at 3 months old. Walker loves to swim and retrieve, do parkour, and practice his obedience skills. An accomplished problem solver with great communication skills, Walker has everything that makes a Standard special, and a little more. There isn’t much that escapes Walker, and we feel lucky to have such a talented dog.

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