UCH IntCH Texas Wekay Ranger in Formal Attire at Birch Creek BCAT VSWB CGC TKA ATD ICECC-CH ICN IUN1

     Walker is our blue and white parti, and the only male here at Birch Creek. Originally we thought that he was black and white, but we were thrilled when he began clearing to a beautiful steel blue. Incredibly sweet and laid-back, Walker is one of the most confident, stable dogs that we have ever had the pleasure of knowing or owning. He is relaxed in new situations and environments and is happy to meet new people wherever we go.

     Although he prefers to hang out on the couch with us, Walker is happy to work when asked to do so. He loves to learn new games and tricks and enjoys lure coursing as well as scentwork. He has a medium prey drive, high play drive, and is toy and food motivated.

Walker is biddable and very handler oriented. He has a great off switch and wants to please. He finished his UKC Championship in one weekend, and has earned one leg towards his Grand Champion title. However, we are choosing to focus on performance events since that is what Walker loves most.

Walker is currently available for stud to purebred standard poodles who are titled and tested to CHIC standards. 

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