All Things Puppy at Birch Creek


Honeymooning November 2020

Puppies due February 2021

Colors Expected: solids, abstracts, and partis in black, brown, and blue. Puppies will carry for sable and/or phantom.


Honeymooning December 2020

Puppies due February 2021

Colors Expected: possible abstracts, partis, and solids.  Sables and phantoms in black, blue, and silver 

We send our puppies home with an individual folder that includes their health information and shot records, microchip information, AKC limited paperwork, Volhard Test results (if available), and pedigree. We also fill a soft-sided bag with toys and a blanket with mom and littermates’ scent, puppy starter kit, puppy collar, food starter bag, and other goodies. Finally, we are pleased to offer our new puppy parents access to lifetime training and support through the Baxter & Bella Program.

Our puppies are priced individually based on a number of factors, including sire and dam, temperament, conformation, and color.

Prices range from $1500.00-$2000.00 and include AKC limited registration.

*AKC Full registration may be available to show/performance/breeding homes for an additional fee. Please contact us directly to discuss the details.

Puppies are under the care of a veterinarian and a veterinary technician before going to their new homes. Although we do not remove dewclaws, puppies do have their tails docked to show length at three days old. At five weeks of age, puppies receive the Neopar vaccine. Age-appropriate vaccinations and biweekly dewormings are provided and will be documented in accompanying puppy health records.

Our puppies are whelped at home, nurtured and taken care of by our family. We start our puppies with Early Neurological Stimulation, early scent introduction, and a rigorous Puppy Culture curriculum. In addition to grooming, bathing, and nail trimming, puppies are introduced to a variety of different surfaces, sights, and sounds. Daily handling by family, including children, is of the utmost importance. As puppies age, we introduce toys, a play gym, and obstacles in order to build confidence and problem-solving skills. Litterbox training is reinforced, and once mastered, puppies are allowed to venture outside. We work on crate introduction to help with potty training as well as flirt pole and water introduction to building drive. Finally, we take puppies on their first car rides to decrease the probability of car sickness. We hope to send puppies home with a jump start on socialization in order to make the transition to their new families as smooth as possible.

Birch Creek Standard Poodles raises puppies with the Puppy Culture program in order to give them a head start on socialization and confidence.

Research has shown that young puppies’ brains absorb and process information much faster than that of older dogs. Because they have very little fear during their first weeks, new experiences can be introduced in such a way that puppies learn to approach novel situations, objects, places, sounds, people, etc. with calm curiosity rather than fear.

This is the premise behind the Puppy Culture Program, which includes guidance and instruction to help us as breeders produce well socialized puppies.

We conduct Volhard Puppy Aptitude Testing with puppies at seven weeks of age. This temperament testing helps us to gain insight into each puppy’s temperament in order to match him or her with a future family.